Episode 42: Amazon Will Stop Testing For Marijuana, Biden Pushes Free School Beyond K-12

Episode I: Mayweather vs Logan Paul Review

Episode 41: Dogecoin on Coinbase Pro, Mountain Climber Falls 500 Feet, Employees Refuse To Work

Episode 40: Teen dies of Fentanyl Percocet, Mask mandates are being lifted, NBA To Protect Players

Episode 39: Disney’s newest $100 sandwich, Coi Leray Is A Baddie, Future Having 8 Kids

Episode 38: Bitcoin plunges 30% to $30,000, VA rapper Capitol Artwork, Paul Mooney Dies

Episode 37: Episode 37: McDonald’s Raises Pay to 18$/hr, Trump Organization being investigated, T-Mobile Merge

Episode 36: YFN Lucci Racketeering Case, Lil Reese Blind, The Game vs Jake Paul

Episode 35: Lower Your Expectations, Not Your Standards (Men's Dating Guide)

Episode 34: Gas crunch 2021, Maryland COVID reopening, CDC says Americans Can Now Ditch The Masks

Episode 33: India's Black Fungus Infection, J.Cole Plays In African League, New Nicki Manaj Album

Episode 32: Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather's, Texas LB Found Dead, Bill & Melinda Gates Divorce

Episode 31: DMX Funeral Service, Reflecting On Ruff Ryders Legacy, 7-year-old shot in McDonald’s

Episode 30: 2 Sailors in Maryland Shooting, Kim Kardashian Is Officially A Billionaire, R.I.P. DMX

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